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Poster: He Live's Date: Jul 17, 2008 11:45pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Hobbes Said It 500 Years Ago (ARB)

wild baby.... just wild. i have ACTUALLY READ before. i know it is hard to believe. and i have read hobbes too, which is also hard to believe. AND, as far as academic reading goes, i ACTUALLY REMEMBER Hobbes as being very enlightening -- he was writing in the 17 c. and still his perspective is quite valid.

which is amazing. writing in the 17th century, the PRE-DAWN of industry, and still he could see what was coming. he could see the way values were changing and recognized the thing called SOCIETY, and was not just paying lip service. this is overwritten, for sure, but it was the best way he could make his point without much room for interpretation....

his entire take is how does a single man relate to the whole of MEN. how does one man, who views himself as an autonomous creature with valid opinions, goals, needs and desires, fit in amongst his fellow men. constant war or constant peace? it is a drastic position and since hobbes, thanks perhaps to FREUD and his enlightening theories on EGO, there is room for more GREY AREA now.

the idea of "COMPARTMENTALIZATION" was not at play in Hobbes' world. since his time, i believe, man has actually undergone an EVOLUTION of the brain. a very recent development really. but one long in coming. the capacity has always been there, and for THOUSANDS of years man has been, what we now call, MULTI TASKING. usually i laugh at this concept. am i multi tasking when i am reading on the POT?

but really, quite often, what this means is, EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL/INSTINCTUAL/CULTURAL Multi-tasking. it is not just a matter of talking on the phone, emailing, cooking dinner and listening to music at the same time. it is the constant psycho-emotional ego adjustments we make throughout the course of a day that differentiates us from people of just 4 or 5 HUNDRED years ago -- the boss, the wife, the child, the idol, the adversary, the underling, THE CABLE GUY!

we are MULTI-TASKING ROLES now -- we have always done this as humans -- but the amount of roles has increased exponentially in the last 200 years -- our brains have evolved.

the shit that went down in Bolinas -- Hobbes may apply on some level. but on another -- he had NEVER seen anything as EMPTY as this.

crippled but free, i was blind all the time i was learning to see

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